#HotDocs23 @hotdocs: Love to Love You, Donna Summer

Lay your head down real close to me
Soothe my mind and set me free

Review: “Love to Love You, Donna Summer”, illustrates an emotional portrait of Donna Summer’s lived experiences with her family, colleagues and journey to stratospheric fame. Known as the “queen of disco” or purveyor of “love rock”, Summer encouraged her fans to let loose, and experiment with different ways of knowing, being, and doing. Summer was a private person whose secrets are now slowly being revealed by friends and family towards a lens of understanding and compassion. It can be argued that Beyonce is the ultimate show woman of modern day, but Donna Summer paved the way for her and so many racialized and marginalized individuals. From her glorious costuming, intricate hairstyle, on point make up, and a voice that could give Beyonce’s “Cuff It” a run for its money – Donna Summer was the Queen Bee. Summer’s stage experience may have enlightened Zendaya with her brand of storytelling in partnership with her songwriting. Be prepared for a deeply introspective journey into an entertainer’s craft whom set the tone for a generation and whose ripples are still being felt in 2023.

Thirty Four Flavours Rating: 5/5


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