A brief synopsis,

                ALLIHOPA, the Swedish word for “all together”, follows the unique story of how the Dalkurd soccer team, which began as a social project in a rural working-class town in Sweden, became the de facto national team of Kurdistan. Founded by Kurdish refugees in Sweden to help assimilate Kurdish youths to their new home, the team’s inspiring rise has become a beacon of hope and unity for millions of Kurdish people around the world.”

Review: Kurds remain the largest ethnic group in the world without a homeland. ALLIHOPA explores how a community of Kurds have transformed their displacement into a transformational and aspirational life in Sweden. ALLIHOPA illustrates Dalkurd soccer players deep connection to their homeland, their push for Kurdish independence, all the while being optimistic Kurdish ambassadors om behalf of their Swedish community. Their underdog status does not intimidate them. Instead, they are appreciative that Sweden permitted the creation of their team alongside the use of their flag. This gesture strengthens Dalkurd’s drive for a spot on the top of their division. Their journey consequently inspires their community to find healing while also symbolically pushing back against traumatic memories rooted in displacement from their homeland.

Thirty Four Flavours Rating: 4/5


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