#HotDocs23 @hotdocs: Cynara, Revir and Unsyncable – Last Day of Hot Docs Must See’s!


A brief synopsis,

                On February 19, 2011, a distraught woman calls 911, telling the dispatcher that two men broke into her house and that her daughter is not breathing. When first responders arrive, they find 16-year-old Cynara without vital signs, and her mother, Cindy Ali, lying on the floor, unable to move. Mere hours later, Cynara is dead, and Cindy is the prime suspect. With exclusive access to Cindy, her family, her lawyer, witnesses and court documents, this film is both a suspenseful crime thriller, and an emotive drama about a mother trying to clear her name.”


A brief synopsis,

“Revir is a story about longing for a life that isn’t handed to you. Siblings Susie and Sune have been left to themselves since childhood. Together they buy an old farmhouse and surround themselves with animals—live, dead and in different stages of resurrection: She is a promising taxidermist and he has decided to support her dream of running her own business. But they long for different things and cracks begin to show. The film explores the landscape inhabited by Susie and Sune and the nature that inhabits them. Is siblinghood enough? Or is it too much?”.


A brief synopsis,

“Six senior artistic swimmers (formerly known as synchronized swimmers), ages 63 – 83, prepare for the Masters Championships in Maine, U.S.A. Some are going for gold, others for community. One is going knowing she can’t win. All will push physical, emotional and societal boundaries to get there. Collectively they have lost partners, suffered disabilities and contended with assumptions about who they are and what they can do. Through it all, they keep swimming – and do it with a perfect smile – no matter how old they get.”


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