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2016 Summer Music Festival Outfit Ideas

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Coachella is next weekend. What better time to start dreaming up what our 2016 Summer Music Festival Outfits should look like?

For summer 2016, I’m thinking of keeping our looks polished but also chill. The flower head bands have been done as well at cut-off jeans and flip flops.  Isn’t it time to change the game a bit ladies?

A cute summer dress with simple details always works. If you don’t want to show a bare leg, try capris for added protection from the sun’s rays.  In the evenings that leg coverage could end up being your best mate.

I also like a cute jacket and a large scarf that could also double as a blanket for the grass. Sure, you can always bring a denim jacket or hoodie from the merch stand – they are true road warriors.  But why not try something different with a quilted look, some embroidery and a nice fit?  Just because you are going to a music festival it doesn’t mean you have to dress like you are going gardening.

A cool purse is an essential. I don’t like backpacks in my regular life. If you can find a neat purse that you can stuff water, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, a lipstick and some snacks into you are good to go.

A good pair of sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat could save your life from heat exhaustion. Pack a pair of sunglasses with UV protection and a hat that is not only fashionable but could make you feel like you are sitting under a patio umbrella.

For shoes, I like a pair of Adidas or a fringed flat. I usually start off my day in a sandal.  It’s very freeing and at the same time your full leg gets the access to the sun’s rays.  But in the evening, especially if it’s rained and you don’t know what you are going to step into – pack a pair of some old school Adidas to enjoy the last of the day at your festival of choice.

Have fun wherever you end up be it Coachella, Lollapalooza, Osheaga, Bestival, Field Trip, TURF, Riot Fest or Outsidelands. Email me with your good times and your fashion hits and misses.

P.S. All items seen in this piece can be found at www.asos.com