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No Sleep Till Brooklyn

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This is my last NYC piece.  Thank goodness you must be thinking.  😉  Enough with NYC.

But I saved the best for last.  Alix took me to Brooklyn on one of my last days in NYC.  I was so excited to see DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge, the Smorgasburg food market and Park Slope.

I can’t put my finger on it but I got a great vibe in Brooklyn.  The next time I go to NYC – I’m going to stay in Brooklyn and commute into the city.  I was lucky this time.   I was able to crash at Alix’s flat but next time I won’t have the luxury of free accommodation.  I need to do some research on Brooklyn bed and breakfasts in the future.  Does anyone have some good spots they’d recommend?

I already have plans to check out the new Rough Trade NYC shop, spend some more time learning about Brooklyn neighbourhoods and getting lost in a smaller space.

At one point Alix and I stood at DUMBO and looked over the river at the NYC skyline.  I said to Alix, ‘Gosh I wonder what it must have been like seeing that skyline the day of 9/11?’.  It was a very moving moment.

It was a great day just walking around, chatting, having drinks and taking in a lower key Brooklyn.  I especially loved travelling under water to get to Brooklyn from Manhattan.  Next time – I walk the Brooklyn Bridge!

Gosh I miss it.