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Review: Royal Ontario Museum’s Friday Night Live ‘Dinonite’ #FNLROM

Well into its second week of Friday Night Live, the Royal Ontario Museum brought their ‘Dinonite’ game last night.   For some of us, the last time we hung out with our dino ancestor’s was in grade school.  It’s never too late to drop in and say ‘Holla’ from the 6.

Hot on the Dino tip we headed for the James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs on Level 2 to greet the Triceratops.

One of the oldest members of the horned dinosaur family Ceratopsidae, which includes the famous Triceratops, the new dinosaur lived during the Late Cretaceous, 79 million years ago, in what is now the Milk River badlands of southern Alberta. Dinosaurs from this time are poorly understood compared to those from the later rocks of Dinosaur Provincial Park or the Drumheller region.

After our Dino fill it was time to get our party on. With our ROMBUCKS in tow we headed to the ‘Chinese Architecture’ section of the ROM to grab King Catering’s famous Jerk Chicken Tacos, Jerk Chicken Poutine and Southern Bites. The spice was on!

As we ate our yummy eats we took in the featured entertainment, Rambunctious at the Currelly Mainstage. The notorious trumpeter Michael Louis Johnson leads this ragtag band in an all improvised dance party jam featuring grooves from New Orleans to Harlem, Motown to the Balkans, funk to punk and everything in between.

Back Biodiversity on Level 2 we went for Dino cookies care of Curbside Bliss. Curbside Bliss never disappoints when it comes to soothing our sweet tooth.  As we nibbled on our treats we popped in for a session at the Spell-a-saurus in the Earth Rangers Studio.  Yes, a Prehistoric Spelling Bee!  It was heaving!  After a go at the traditional spelling bee we headed off to dance off our meals with an uber cool band by the name of Language Arts in Bronfman Hall.

If you need a house jazz break you can be guaranteed to find U of T’s Faculty of Music’s Jazz Program to keep you propped up and perhaps take a spin or two at the different levels at Friday Night Live. It’s not about all big beats and busting a move after all!

As we headed out a shave after 11 p.m. after a full evening of food, culture and music we thought why not bust a move one last time on Level 4 with House DJ – DJ Jason Palma. He is a pioneer of Toronto’s acid jazz scene and was mixing the seemingly un-mixable with a few of my closest new friends.

Catch you next week for Fashion (May 20, 2016) at the ROM’s ‘Friday Night Live’! Grab your tickets here! https://www.rom.on.ca/en/whats-on/fnlrom-fashion


Review: Royal Ontario Museum’s Friday Night Live’s #ROMInk

The first night of the Royal Ontario Museum: Friday Night Live’s #ROMInk was heaving.  It seems like everyone was waiting patiently to bust out their latest outfits and werk their new heels last night because by the time we arrived the ROM was pumping.

The ROM always has an impeccable eye for detail, a full bar service featuring Peroni beer (because why go anywhere else?), a rad house DJ or two and a Tattoo exhibit that will sure to make you swoon. If you need a bump – Friday Night Live is where you need to be.

‘Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art.’ is now open until September 5, 2016! Coming from the musée du quai Branly in Paris, where the exhibition received rave reviews, Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art. explores the 5000-year-old multifaceted world of tattooing, showcasing a visual history of body art and markings, ancient tools, and commissioned tattooed silicone body reproductions, inked by some of the most respected tattoo artists in the contemporary world.

Whether you’re drawn to the history and beauty of body art, a passionate member of the tattoo community, or someone who wants to understand the world of tattooing, come discover the ink beneath the skin.

Highlights of the night included:

> Stories from Cancer campaign Why We Ink by Toronto Casting Director Julie Fitzsimmons

> Temporary tattooing

> ROM collection items from “Out of the Vault”

> Musical performances by The New Electric and Ben Stevenson

After a long work week it made for a perfect ending to bask in House DJ, DJ brains4brkfst’s set. Chilled, cool, sexy, accessible and most of all fun.  A DJ who kills it with an ode to Prince at the end of the night will always keep a crowd warm and looking forward to next week’s Friday Night Live.  He wound the crowd down after playing a series of old school hip hop beats mixed in with Beyonce, Ja Rule, moombathon, glam rock, twerk and trap. Workout?  Yes.  Good times?  Always.

If you need a house jazz break you can be guaranteed to find U of T’s Faculty of Music’s Jazz Program to keep you propped up and perhaps take a spin or two at the different levels at Friday Night Live. It’s not about all big beats and busting a move after all!

The fantastic HATAW ensemble brought together professional performers from Filipino folkdance troupes across North America, and remixes ritual and folklore with contemporary styles of dance. A true delight whilst you sip a cocktail and have a bite at Mustache Burger in Earth’s Treasures.

Catch you next week for Punchline at the ROM’s ‘Friday Night Live’! Grab your tickets here!  https://www.rom.on.ca/en/whats-on/fnlrom-punchline


Royal Ontario Museum: Friday Night Live’s ‘Volcanic Bash’


The last night of the Royal Ontario Museum: Friday Night Live’s ‘Volcanic Bash’ was on point.  Full on with their eye for impeccable details, Pompeii Roman themes, volcano nods and enough warmth emanating from the space to soothe our cold bones from the winter’s chill.

The night’s theme was ‘Volcanic Rocks’ celebrating the soon to be closing (on January 3, 2016) ‘Pompeii: In the Shadow of the Volcano’ exhibit.  We made sure to check out the space which told the dramatic story of an ancient civilization frozen in time and features 200 remarkable objects, many of which appear for first time in Toronto. Check it out before it closes!  http://www.rom.on.ca/en/Pompeii

This week we checked out House DJ Conor Cutz at the Currelly Mainstage who was spinning some old school beats.  FNL’ers were already on the floor and dancing when we arrived.  We grabbed some cocktails from the Cocktail Lounge under the dinosaur to inhale some of the friendly and chilled vibe already a brewing.


We carried on to get some dinner at Tita Flips in the Chinese Architecture space.  We used our ROMBUCKS on her Palabok (Cornstarch noodles in special sauce topped with hard-boiled eggs, shrimp, crushed pork rinds, tofu, minced green onions) and Fried Lumpia (Deep fried Vegetable spring rolls with vinegar-garlic sauce).  They satiated us, were flavourful and for a mere $6 a meal – we could have eaten more! But we had more to see and taste!  Check her out http://titaflips.com/!

As we glided upstairs to the second floor we found the Ice Volcano Ice Cream booth in Earth’s Treasures.  Ice Volcano Ice Cream is not only about the delicious gourmet ice cream, you also get to experience the thrill of watching it being made right in front of your eyes.  The extreme coldness of the liquid nitrogen and your customized ice cream appears in a matter of seconds. The simple combination of milk, cream and sugar is quickly turned into ice cream in under 60 seconds.

The Ice Volcano Ice Cream fit perfectly into the ‘Volcanic Bash’ theme of the night.  The flavour we indulged upon was the Blueberry Cheesecake which had all the makings of a gourmet cheesecake.  Breads crumbs and all!  It was rich, tasty and dreamy.  Next time you attend FNL – get to the Ice Volcano Ice Cream booth early.  Their queues get long after 9 p.m..  http://www.icevolcano.ca/home.html


We also grabbed some additional dessert at Curbside Bliss in the Biodiversity:  Life in Crisis area.  As per the Curbside Bliss website, ‘Curbside Bliss is Canada’s first mobile gourmet bakery. Our elegant, mobile bakery cruises around the GTA bringing supreme taste bud BLISS to those wanting a sweet fix. All of the prepping, baking, frosting, packaging and ultimately – you taking some BLISS home to enjoy – the entire process is done right from the mobile kitchen truck.’

We indulged upon the Red Velvet cupcakes which can be described as ‘Red velvet sponge with cream cheese frosting’ and Strawberry Cupcakes, ‘Strawberry sponge infused with whip cream and topped with fresh strawberry frosting.’  They were fresh, tasty and a perfect palate cleanser after our earlier eats.  Check her out, http://www.curbsideblisscupcakes.com/.

As we finished up for the night on the dance floor.  We grabbed a pint of Peroni and sauntered back down to Level One to dance the night away with ‘The Damn Truth’ a rock & roll band from Montreal.

It was truly a volcanic night at the ROM.  Fun, good energy and chillaxed folk.  Looking forward to celebrating with you and the ROM in 2016!