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Style Alert: Vintage Eyeglasses Online

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My favourite frames for the past few years have always been a play on Tart Arnel versus Moscot. I really enjoy a nerd chic stable frame. It fits my personality and makes me feel comfortable in my sense of self.

After perusing Moscot’s shop in NYC last Fall and that experience falling flat in customer service and product as seen here Moscot; I opted to avoid forcing myself into a pricey investment and stick with what has served me well in years past.

Off to Vintage Eyeglasses Online I went.

For the past few years I have been patronizing a seller on eBay by the name of ‘egamon’. His real name is Elliot Greenberg. You can even find some of his diverse wares on his website Vintage Eyeglasses Online http://www.vintageeyeglassesonline.com if eBay isn’t your game.

Vintage Eyeglasses Online offer unique, vintage eyeglass frames for both men and women. His frames are ideal for prescription or sunglass lenses at very competitive prices. You can find Plastic Frames, Metal Frames, Gold Filled Frames, Cat eye Styles, Jewelled Frames, Combination Frames and Sunglasses. Other brand names they carry include of: Tart Optical Arnel, American Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Ray Ban, Imperial Optical, Kono, Liberty Optical and Marine Optical.

I found this lush pair which fit my needs. It’s called Victory Optical Milano Honey Amber (size 46-20). Not only was it in a faux Tortoiseshell but it was a little less intense than my current everyday Black Frames (also from Vintage Eyeglasses Online) called Kono Brute.

The frames were a perfect fit and were far better quality than what Moscot had on offer for far less the price point.

When you are perusing Vintage Eyeglasses Online ensure you know your frame size. You can have a measurement done by an optician beforehand so you have a point of reference. As Elliott says ‘these are vintage (new) frames’. They are in perfect condition and in a sense you are getting a bit of history nestled onto your nose. He also indicates the size specifications for each spectacle listed to make your life easier and to avoid making any mistakes.

Reflecting back at the two experiences I have had with Vintage Eyeglasses Online thus far – it has been impeccable. For an online vintage eye glass seller you are guaranteed quality product, a true vintage one of a kind piece, a solid addition to your eye glass collection and far more than reasonable pricing for your pocket book. I suggest buying more than one pair of frames as I have in years past. Not only have I received compliments in travel, at work or at play but as I mentioned earlier these frames make me feel awesome.

Tell Mr. Greenberg I sent you.