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New Fragrance Alert! ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose’ and ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon’


Under Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen’s creative direction, Elizabeth and James introduces two new distinctive fragrances in the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Collection – Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon.

The Elizabeth and James Nirvana fragrance collection represents the ultimate state of happiness; an idyllic memory, moment or experience.

“Ashley and I believe everyone’s nirvana is different, so we created Nirvana Rose and Nirvana Bourbon to explore a more sensual and also playful side of Nirvana,” stated Mary-Kate Olsen.

“These two new fragrances are an evolution of Nirvana – bringing light and color into the collection and giving our customer more ways to find their nirvana,” said Ashley Olsen.

Created by Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen in partnership with Firmenich, the fragrances include:

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose – an alluring floral scent embodying the heart of a dark rose with notes of geranium, rose de mai and vetiver.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon – is an oriental scent blending notes of vanilla bourbon with oakwood and hints of tuberose.

The Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon bottles feature new translucent scarlet and amber tones inspired by the fragrances, highlighting the architectural lines, rich gold accents and distinctive texture of the bottles.

“Our partnership with Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen has strengthened further with the release of two new fragrances in the Elizabeth and James Nirvana collection”, said Ginny Wright, General Manager of Butterfly Beauty. “We are delighted to launch these two new fragrances exclusively with Sephora and look forward to building an Elizabeth and James global beauty brand.”

The Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Eau de Parfum fragrances will initially be available in three different sizes – 30 ml ($82.00 CAD), 50 ml ($107.00 CAD) and a rollerball ($32.00 CAD). The fragrances will launch exclusively at all North America SEPHORA stores and Sephora.com August 2016 and roll out to additional retailers in Spring 2017.rose


As I pack up my essentials for my trip to New York next week – I want to lean on some fragrances that are going to make me feel great, relaxed, meditative and also comfortable whilst I’m on the road. I really love the ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose’ and ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon’ Eau de Parfum fragrances.  They affordable, ooze elegance and are exquisitely packaged.  They are truly the perfect new fragrance ally on the scene today.  They can also be picked up from your local Sephora store!

After a busy and stressful year, I really need my holidays to be brimming with happy notes and kindness.   With the ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose’ in my purse – this scent will be my go to for my daily commute into the city.  Walking through museums, galleries and checking out neat tucked away eateries will be enlightened as I get lost in the scent that will add to my New York City soundtrack.  I can’t wait to splash the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose onto my floral scarf and skin to help in making for some lovely memories.

I usually come back to the hotel mid-afternoon for a tea and a snack. After I freshen up and grab a shower, I will get ready for my evening out.  I love ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon’ – as it is sophisticated, sexy and alluring.  A small change up from Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose.  ‘Elizabeth and James Bourbon’ will illuminate my change in attire and hairstyle so my evening out with friends or on my own will be just as luxe and dynamic as mornings and afternoons in the city.

The ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana’ fragrance collection packaging is modern, sleek and most importantly easy to pop into your purse and a suitcase for travel or a weekend away. I love that the ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana’ fragrance collection looks like a piece of art and that I could find it in a vintage shop.

Pick up ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose’ and ‘Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon’ the next time you are in Sephora. They could make for an excellent holiday gift pairing or better yet a treat for you as you change up for fragrances for the season and the New Year ahead.

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Vera Wang “Embrace” Rose Buds and Vanilla

Embrace Rose Buds and Vanilla by Vera Wang is an Oriental Floral fragrance that is a perfect scent for your upcoming Holiday Parties.  A change up is necessary from your usual go to’s especially when you want to turn on the high glamour.

Think splashing this scent on for your work day and blend it into that holiday party with your work mates at night.  Even if you don’t want to update your wardrobe, consider changing your jewelry with some bolder statement pieces, a make-up spruce up and a spritz or two of Embrace Rose Buds and Vanilla Vera Wang for Women.  It will be worth it and you will certainly be noticed.

Embrace Rose Buds and Vanilla has top notes of rose, mandarin orange and damask rose; middle notes are cyclamen, iris and magnolia; base notes are musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

It is a mild scent but also very romantic and refreshing.  If you need a little pick me up and a fragrance that will provide a nice transition into the holiday season, Embrace Rose Buds and Vanilla is for you.

Tell me what you think.


Vera Wang “Embrace” Periwinkle and Iris

Periwinkle & Iris by Vera Wang is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Periwinkle & Iris was launched in 2015 and a perfect addition to the Vera Wang family of fragrances. Top notes are bergamot and mandarin orange; middle notes are violet, iris, jasmine and periwinkle; base notes are vanilla, benzoin, whipped cream and sugar.

I’m well into my staycation two weeks off so I thought what better time to give myself a break from the world by spritzing on a new fragrance. I’m spending my time walking through museums, galleries, hanging out at High Park and eating at some yummy restaurants that I have been meaning to check out.  Why not make some holiday memories with a new scent?

With Vera Wang “Embrace” Periwinkle and Iris fragrance I felt instantly soothed, replenished but also invigorated to make good use of my time off and check in with myself. The bergamot and mandarin orange scents remind me of a steeping cup of tea and the violet, iris, jasmine and periwinkle; base notes are vanilla, benzoin makes me feel like I’m in a perpetual garden even though the Fall is all around me.

Try out Vera Wang “Embrace” Periwinkle and Iris the next time you are your local cosmetic counter. It is well worth the investment in a quality fragrance to take you into the holidays on the right note.


Vera Wang “Embrace” Green Tea and Pear Blossom

The New Year is upon us and what better way to freshen up a new start than with a new fragrance.  I’m a fan of Vera Wang’s “Embrace” fragrance line.  It’s easy to wear and makes me feel great!  Be it for a night out or just hanging out with your girls after work, Vera Wang “Embrace” Green Tea and Pear Blossom will take you places.

I have been wearing Vera Wang “Embrace” Green Tea and Pear Blossom as an after bath splash before I jump into my pajamas.  I love getting nestled into bed after and feeling lulled to sleep by it’s scent.  In the morning I wake up and it is buried into my pillow case.

Vera does a great job in making a woman feel sexy and sophisticated.  Her fragrances are of a fantastic quality and are robust.  I’ve tested them and noticed that they last all day and are a perfect way to greet your scarf and winter coat in the mornings to their soothing scents.

Vera Wang “Embrace” Green Tea and Pear Blossom must be on your list for 2016 fragrances.  Pick it up!

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes:  Pear blossom, Bergamot, Green tea

Heart Notes:   Freesia, Peony, Orange blossom

Base Notes:  Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood


Katy Perry’s ‘Mad Potion’

I’m changing my perfume for the Fall season with Katy Perry’s ‘Mad Potion’. Perfect timing as Halloween is rolling up at the end of the week.  I don’t dress up – but ‘Mad Potion’ can be a great ally in ushering some fresh Fall vibes while also channelling the last of the summer’s warmth.

Mad Potion is rich with deliciously seductive vanillas from around the world. The duo of glowing amber and jasmine petals provide a twist of mysterious and playful fun.

Top Notes

Tahitian Vanilla Orchid, Fresh & Crisp Apple Musk, Sweet White Peony

Middle Notes

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Soft & Whipped Fluffy Musk, Luminous Jasmine Petals

Bottom Notes

Mexican Vanilla Bean Absolute, Magical Musk, Glowing Amber


‘Guess Girl Belle’ Guess for Women

Flirty, daring and oh-so-sexy—GUESS Girl Belle is a new twist on your favorite fragrance. Hints of pink champagne, delicious apple and mixed berries join to create an intriguing fruity floral scent with seductive impact.

I really like ‘Guess Girl Belle’ Guess for Women because of its subtle fragrance and that it can fit easily into my lifestyle without much fuss.  It will make an ideal partner for work and a night out.  I like splashing it on after a shower too.

‘Guess Girl Belle’ Guess for Women is ageless and can be worn by any woman regardless of their age.  It is definitely long lasting and an uplifting fragrance.

  • Top notes: pink champagne, golden delicious apple, mixed berries
  • Middle notes: pink peony, natural jasmine sambac, violet
  • Bottom notes: Australian sandalwood, musk, vanilla
  • 3.4 fl. oz.


‘Honey’ by Marc Jacobs

I like finding an old faithful perfume that can become my signature scent.  It’s got to be a quality scent, feminine and modern.   I want to feel dynamic when I spritz her on in the morning.  She has to be able to walk with me all day and into my evenings without a fade.

My go to scent these days is ‘Honey’ by Marc Jacobs.  It’s a perfect match for my mood of late and coming off a long vacation away in the west of the U.S. – ‘Honey’s’ ode to nature keeps me in a lovely space.

‘Honey’ by Marc Jacobs is a sunny, delicious, floral, energetic and alluring, with a sparkling, golden touch. The perfect mix of brightness and warmth.  It reminds me of my time in the woods of Portland.  There was so much simplicity in those woods and I can smell the scent of those fire trees even now. I like to stay in that space when I can.

‘Honey’ energizes with the freshness of green pear brightened with a splash of fruity punch and juicy mandarin. At the heart of the fragrance is orange blossom, a note of sparkling femininity that mingles with nectars of honeysuckle and peach. Honey, vanilla and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base.

Pick up ‘Honey’ by Marc Jacobs before the holidays so you have a new scent to ring in the New Year with.

Top Note – Pear, Juicy Mandarin

Mid Note – Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honeysuckle

Base Note – Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods

Pick up ‘Honey’ by Marc Jacobs before the holidays so you have a new scent to ring in the New Year with.