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Festival Finds: Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish By Kate ‘Deep Plum’ (31)


Whilst at Bestival Toronto last weekend I made sure to pop on Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish By Kate in Deep Plum (31).  It may seem like it’s a dark shade but in fact it is a perfect summer plum.  Light, fun and cool enough for a summer dress or rolled up boyfriend jeans and wellies.

The black diamond brings incredible new levels of light reflective elements. Creating gorgeous, hypnotizing tones that make you look, then look again.  In the summer sun Deep Plum sparkled and in the summer rain it was even more uplifting.  The creamy texture of this lipstick carried me throughout my day with minimal wear and tear.

Pick up Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish By Kate line in the new shade of (31) the next time you are at the shops.  It’s a great investment into your make up arsenal.