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Riot Fest 2015 (Toronto) Day Two in Review

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Day Two of Riot Fest Toronto was a polar opposite in weather in comparison to the previous day.  Think sunny skies, grade school smiles and throw back songs that instantly catapulted us into our childhood bedrooms making mix tapes for mates on a school night.

Jazz Cartier started us off and kept us cool in the 6.  Cartier is a long listed nominee for the 2015 Polaris Music Prize and his album ‘Marauding in Paradise’ is introspective as it is cool.  A must have to update your tired IPod.   Kudos to Riot Fest for curating a well rounded hip hop stage.  The EDM stage was also extremely popular with the kids.  Each stage felt cohesive and a natural fit for the performers that followed one another.

Babes in Toyland were in fighting spirit when they played the afternoon slot of Day 2 at Riot Fest.  They reminded us of what it meant to be a riot girl and in true form stole the last of my hearing.

During our break between bands we made time to ride the Ferris Wheel and take in the views of the Fest from way above.  As an adult getting on a Ferris Wheel it may seem like no big deal.  But it was.   Full anxiety attack aside, it was worth it.  It was gobs smacking seeing the amount of people at the festival and how busy each of the stages were.  The sun, melted into the clouds, the smell of hot yummy eats and laughter below made for an even more gleeful afternoon.

That said the queues to buy tickets for the rides ran long.  Next year it would be neat to be able to use our wristbands to ride the amusement park rides without fuss.

There was also not a lot of signage around detailing the band’s performance schedule.  Some muttering from concert goers was overheard.  For those of us not using the Riot fest App – perhaps it’s time to make a switch from paper?

As the evening went on – some of us who don’t drink could have used a hot beverage or two.  Hmmm, perhaps next year a hot tea/coffee truck would be a nice addition to the food truck area.

Tyler, the Creator who never minces his words as evident in his songs called out a ‘bro-filled’ audience for being incredibly awkward.  His discomfort impacted his performance but the young inebriated crowd were not all that bothered.

The Wu-Tang Clan was on point and delivered a robust and fresh (like it was still the 90’s) performance.  The audience was hype to their rhymes.  Wu-Tang delivered the goods with C.R.E.A.M.  a crowd favourite.

The Prodigy took hold of the audience and ‘breathed’ a whole new life into them for the last few hours of the festival.  People were tired but still ready for an all out rave care of this British band who slayed us with their light and sound show.  Their performance was truly electric and gifted everyone with take away memories of two amazing days with Riot Fest at Downsview Park.

As usual we look forward to next summer with Riot Fest on our home turf.