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Riot Fest & Expo Toronto Band Spotlight: Thurston Moore and The Beaches

As I mentioned last week, Riot Fest & Expo Toronto is a month away and I really want you to go.  Keep your eyes peeled in a week’s time as I will be giving away weekend tickets to Riot Fest & Expo Toronto.  All you will need to do is sign up to Thirty Four Flavours Facebook, Twitter or email subscription to enter the draw.

Also, for the next few weeks leading up to Riot Fest & Expo Toronto I will be introducing you to some of the bands on their festival roster.  This week’s band highlights a veteran of the NYC punk scene and some local female Toronto rockers.

Thurston Moore

When I heard that Sonic Youth’s grand poppy would be at Riot Fest Toronto this year I felt a bit giddy.  How could I not be?  Bringing his style of NYC art/punk rock to our fair city – Thurston Moore will be sure to educate us.  His first solo album, Psychic Hearts (recorded during and immediately after his wife and Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon’s pregnancy in 1994), with ex-Half Japanese guitarist Tim Foljahn and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, had an appropriately offhand feel but was far from sloppy. Following Moore’s separation from lifelong bandmate, wife, and partner Kim Gordon in late 2011, Sonic Youth’s future became incredibly uncertain and put on indefinite pause. The year 2013 saw the release of @, a collaborative album of sax/guitar improvisations with fellow N.Y.C. fringe dweller John Zorn.  Let’s see what he has up his sleeve for us as we lounge under the sun at Downsview Park come September.

The Beaches

Remember L7 from the 90’s? This all-female, indie rock band from The Beaches (area of Toronto) will be sure to dazzle you at Riot Fest & Expo Toronto as they rock us hard with some of L7’s essence . Ranging from sixteen to eighteen years old these girls have a lot to prove and are having fun doing it.

Their Toronto centric aesthetic with dollops of pop doused into their tunes will keep you grooving.  These girls are indeed the real deal and keep things clean rooted in punk rock.

Till next week for my next installment of the Riot Fest & Expo Toronto Band Spotlight plus TICKET GIVEAWAY INFO!  😉

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