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Skittles Pawn Store

Thirty Four Flavours has been pretty quiet over the break.  Sometimes all a girl needs is a little sleep to do a body good.

While I was in the throes of chillaxing I heard about a movement brewing downtown at the Skittles Pawn Store on Queen Street West in Toronto?  Did you go?

What was the deal you ask?  Well instead of returning or re-gifting your unwanted holiday presents, you could trade them for candy at the temporary pop-up “pawn shop” in downtown Toronto, which offered Skittles in exchange for unwanted goods.

Over 36,000 bags of Skittles had been handed out when I got to the shop mid day on their last day (Dec 30th).  People were in a long queue and were holding items like skateboards, laptops, slippers and gloves all in exchange for candy.  I heard from the friendly security guard people had come from as far as Sturgeon Falls to pawn their junk off.

I had gear from my holidays to palm off in exchange for Skittles candy.  Which I was not a fan of before, but after two packs of Skittles in two days – I’m hooked!  Marketing success story!

Wrigley, the candy company that owns Skittles, was donating anything in good condition to the Goodwill ReUse Centre in Toronto. Talk about bringing together a sense of community, themes of giving back and paying it forward were a brewing.  There were young kids to seniors about – everyone had a smile on their face.

If you missed it – keep your eye on this space.  😉