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Oh Nick Hornby..



I’ve had a major crush on Nick Hornby for years.  When I saw ‘High Fidelity’ in a theatre in Manchester, England I was solely there for my John Cusack fix and I fell asleep watching the film!!  Which I tend to do…ugh.  Why does John Cusack like everything I like?  The Clash, Nick Hornby books and the like.  Ok anyway, I digress.

Nick Hornby,  love him.  I love how he mixes his love of music into his literature.  There’s always a lil tongue in cheek and his commentary on life and why men are the way they are.

My fav books by him?  High Fidelity, 31 Songs and Slam.  Sure there have been films and soundtracks to his words…but that aside there is nothing like getting into bed and getting lost in his laddish sense of humour with pop culture and musical injections segued onto the pages.  It’s a good sleep people.

So in typical Mel fashion, I was looking at my book shelf the other day and realized I own nothing by Mr. Hornby.  I don’t know how that happened?  Well all his reads have been library loans I guess.  😉

So late one night as you do, I’m sourcing his books on ebay.  I found a used stash and they are coming from the U.S. in the coming weeks.  I also checked Craigslist.  Hmm low and behold I find a person selling an autographed copy of ‘Juliet Naked’ for $15.  Ummm?  So I contact the fellow we agree to meet and he agrees to take my $10 offer.  Gobsmacked?  Yes!!!  😉

I don’t know, I’m not a huge ‘oohh I got something autographed’ type of girl but I will tell you – a Nick Hornby signed book has made my January.  His books have given me so many laughs, sighs and happiness over the years.  My co-worker said to me after I told her my tale ‘not only was it a find but something cosmic just happened’.  Agreed.

The coolest thing was that not only was it autographed and in perfect condition but it had a store receipt inside the book where the book was purchased.  Stockholm!  If some cosmic stuff did indeed just happen to me – it came all the way from Stockholm!  I love it when good karma is on my side.


Mel xo

p.s.  Guess who wrote me back?  😉  https://thirtyfourflavours.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/nick-hornby-wrote-me-back/