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Sipping Tea on a Chilly Morning at Work: White Spring Tea from TWG Tea and the Urban Tea Merchant

I’m doing a pick up shift this a.m. and really needed an uplifting tea to get me moving. I usually grab a black tea most mornings but since I woke up before the sun rose I thought I’d be a little kinder to my mind and body.

I just steeped a cup of White Spring Tea from TWG Tea and the Urban Tea Merchant. It was a perfect choice.

I took my time popping the tea leaves in my strainer, warming my tea cup and settling into my seat with my White Spring Tea.

The White Spring Tea is like a landscape that metamorphoses, bright and dewy, full of the magic of spring transforming the world with fresh silver tips of Yin Zhen white tea and fragrant cherry blossoms.

White Spring Tea is a mild tea but can be steeped for longer without tasting bitter.

I have a long shift ahead – looking forward to getting stuck in as usual with TWG Tea and the Urban Tea Merchant.

White Spring Tea

Where Did The Spring Go Tea? Sakura! Sakura! Tea from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant

The spring was just on our door step a few weeks ago. Now we are back into wind-chill and snow flurries in Toronto.

No need to be crying into one’s tea cup. Instead grab ‘Sakura! Sakura! Tea’ from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant and make a hot brew.  ‘Sakura! Sakura! Tea’ is a must have to add to your at home and office tea collection.

‘Sakura! Sakura! Tea’ is a true ode to spring. This fragrant TWG Tea blend evokes Kyoto’s most celebrated season. A scattering of cherry blossoms and green tea with a presence of rose yields a most aromatic and elegant fragrance.

When the snow begins to melt on your door step, be sure to brew a cup of ‘Sakura! Sakura! Tea’ from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant and make time to stroll in the cherry blossom trees in your town. It will only be for a short time and will be well worth the wait.


The First Day Of Spring: Geisha Blossom Tea from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant

It maybe the first day of spring but Toronto is mighty cold and windy. Ah, what can you do?  Sometimes it’s about channelling the best of intentions and just embracing the new season for what it is.

I pulled out my Geisha Blossom Tea from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant as I flipped through books this past weekend. Brewing the Geisha Blossom was not only relaxing and a wonderful self-care experience it was re-awakening and infused a must needed feeling of ‘new beginnings’ into my time off.

The Geisha Blossom Tea is an elegant and highly refined, this TWG Tea blend of green tea and refreshing ripe southern fruits infuses into a fragrant cup that will calm and appease after a day’s disruptions. The peach notes are mild but a wonderful hint of the summer to come. Even though I had the Geisha Blossom Tea hot, it would make for an awesome ice tea and perhaps with some white wine splashed in for good measure.

Pick some up soon and Happy Spring!

Geisha Blossom Tea

Oscar Night Tea Of Choice:  ‘Festive Night Tea’ from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant

I have to work tomorrow but I still want some festive cheer as I watch the Oscar’s with friends and family.  What’s a girl to do?

My fave go to for a fun and festive night of food – is adding some ‘Festive Night Tea’ from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant to the menu.  It’s a treat of a wine and will add some lovely warmth to your Oscar night party from the chill outside.

Festive Night Tea is a green tea blended with cherry blossoms infuses into a dazzling cup with a sweet aroma of red fruits and the intense warmth of rose petals.

Pick some up and have a Happy Oscar Night with your loved ones!

Festive Night Tea

Valentine’s Day Tea: ‘Chocolate Earl Grey’ from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant

There’s nothing better than spending Valentine’s Day in bed or just lounging around with a gorgeous cup of tea either with someone or alone.

Sure Valentine’s Day is all about romance but sometimes we need to build in some Valentine self-care time to remember we need to lavish ourselves in love first.

My choice for Valentine’s Day is Chocolate Earl Grey Tea from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant. It is a world’s first! This rich and aromatic black tea is accented with fresh notes of rare TWG Tea bergamot and pure dark chocolate which unite to create a marvelous and blissful blend. It is an unforgettable tea for those special moments.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Chocolate Earl Grey

New Year Tea: French Earl Grey Tea from TWG Tea and the Urban Tea Merchant

We are well into the New Year and I have been having a quiet but relaxing start. I’ve really taken time to check in with myself, do more reading, hitting the gym, eating better and sleeping.  Man – you think that it would be an easy life.  I can assure you – is it ever?  My goal for the New Year is balance and taking care of me.  Tea is always part of my quiet time.  Especially tea from TWG Tea and the Urban Tea Merchant.

My tea for January from TWG Tea and the Urban Tea Merchant is the ever chilled, French Earl Grey Tea. She’s as gorgeous as Provence in the summer.  TWG Tea has created a fragrant variation of the great classic, Earl Grey. This black tea has been delicately infused with citrus fruits and French blue cornflowers.

As the winter wind blows its cold force outside my office window, I sip on French Earl Grey Tea from TWG Tea and the Urban Tea Merchant and think of the summer. It’s the little things.  Happy Belated New Year!  J

French Earl Grey Tea

Santa Claus Parade Weekend Tea: ‘Red Christmas Caviar Tin Tea’ and ‘Christmas Jewel Caviar Tin Tea’

The Santa Claus Parade comes rolling into town this weekend in Toronto.  My ritual is to watch the parade in my pajamas, grab some Tea Biscuits and pop the kettle on with my favourite tea and watch the parade on my couch.  This year I will be channelling Red Christmas and Christmas Jewel Tea from TWG Tea and the Urban Tea Merchant to keep me feeling jolly.  It’s never too early to start sipping holiday tea and the Santa Claus Parade provides the best excuse.

Red Christmas Caviar Tin Tea

One petite tea tin and petite gift box enclose a heart-warming, TWG Tea theine-free red rooibos, a festival of flavours and spices to reminisce and celebrate all year long. 50g

Christmas Jewel Caviar Tin Tea

Handcrafted using the finest quality ingredients, the Christmas Jewel Tea is a delightful wonder to warm a cold winter’s night, encased in an artfully designed locket as an invitation to a world of enchantments.

An enchanting composition of green tea, festive spices, sweet orange and jasmine pearls plated with molten 24ct gold.


The Weekend Tea Collection from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant

Who needs international travel when you can sample the best in the world class cities with The Weekend Tea Collection from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant?

TWG Tea, the world’s finest and most luxurious tea brand, invites you on an extraordinary private getaway with the launch of five new exclusive Weekend Teas to arouse vivid sensory escapes to the world’s most exotic destinations. The Weekend Tea Collection teas complement the first five teas in the range to create a cruise collection of ten distinctive TWG signature teas that offer an elegant and effortless retreat from the saturating heat of the summer sun.

A dazzling juxtaposition of glamour and history, the Weekend Tea Collection invites tea drinkers to bask in the heat of the golden sun, drinking in the scent of red fruits and berries whilst wandering along the picturesque promenades of the Cote d’Azur with A Weekend in St Tropez, or to voyage to the summit of Victoria Peak with the grand mélange of green tea, wild rhubarb, blossoms and malty toffee of A Weekend in Hong Kong. Tea lovers and world travellers everywhere can now moor their thoughts and journey along the Grand Canal lined with glistening Venetian palazzos, journey on a voyage of the senses to the garden city of Singapore, or delight in the mystic memories of a cool night among the Dubai desert dunes, all in the privacy of their own teacups.

This complete Weekend Tea Collection teas are:

Weekend in Bombay

Weekend in Casablanca

Weekend in Istanbul

Weekend in Moscow

Weekend in Shanghai


The Omni King Edward Hotel: A Traditional Autumn High Tea

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The traditional experience of Autumn High Tea is to be savoured at The Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto. Think the finest linens; King Edward upholstered chairs, luxe velvet fabrics and the most delicious culinary treats that await you as you enter The Omni King Edward Hotel’s historic space.

We started with the savoury finger sandwiches as part of our Autumn High Tea. The Creamed Corn and Chive Blini with Salmon Rillette was fresh and oozed with the delights of only the best Salmon.  The Smoked Chicken with Thyme Roasted Butternut Squash was a perfect autumn protein and vegetable marriage.  It was hearty and reminded us of a Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.  The traditional Deviled Egg with Mustard Cress was very British in stature and was yet a scrumptious nod to our Canadian roots.  The Roast Beef with Pickled Vegetable took us to another level.  We needed a moment to inhale this sandwich.  It was a piece of culinary art visiting us from an English Gastro Pub buried deep in the English countryside.  We said ‘Bonjour’ to the Toasted Sesame Honey Ham with Aged Cheddar and Apple Chutney – just when we thought it couldn’t get any better.  The Toasted Sesame Honey Ham reminded us of an Easter dinner in three bites.  It was sweet, full of sunlight and luscious to tuck into.  We appreciated the Aged Cheddar and Apple Chutney as it rounded off the savoury sandwich plate with thunderous applause.

As we continued on to the Scones – we were ready for more warmth and luxury. The Heirloom Carrot and Raisin Scone was robust, full of depth and aching to be spread with Devonshire Cream and House Made Strawberry Preserves.  This was the only part of the Autumn High Tea Service where we were silent. The Scones were indeed traditional English Scones.  Think of Union Jacks bunting for miles and summer garden parties in the English country side.  For the Classic Cream Scone we dabbled in the Apple Orchard Butter which made us think of apple picking as kids with warm cups of apple cider on the side.

Onto the delectable pastries. We applauded the Chai Spiced Pumpkin Brulee Verrine with Pumpkin Seed Brittle.  Talk about an ah-ha moment!  I encourage you to breathe in the Chai Spiced Pumpkin Brulee Verrine with Pumpkin Seed Brittle.  It is like a fine wine in flavour but goes down as a treasured pudding from our childhood.  The Honey Crisp Apple Band was very British Cake Shop in stance.  It stood alone and was the perfect mild but yummy cake to munch on in between the heavier sweets.  We were giddy alongside the Bittersweet Chocolate and Cranberry Madeleine.  Honouring chocolate in its simplicity was a nice reprieve.  The Goat Cheesecake with Rosemary and Ice Wine Poached Pear allowed us to express gratitude to the Autumn High Tea Service at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto.

Throughout the Autumn High Tea Service at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto. We got stuck into Sloane Fine Tea Merchant’s Bergamot Rose Blended Black Tea, Chocolate Truffle Blended Black Tea and Heavenly Cream Blended Black Tea.

Bergamot Rose Blended Black Tea

Ceylon and Assam black tea perfumed with Italian bergamot, finished with fine French lavender and Jaipur roses, creating a citrus and floral finish.

Chocolate Truffle Blended Black Tea

Smooth bodied Assam black tea blended with deep truffle notes and the richness of Brazilian cocoa, creating a dark chocolate finish.

Heavenly Cream Blended Black Tea

A beautiful long-leaf Ceylon and Assam black tea blended with a base note of Italian bergamot and finished with a top note of creamy vanilla.

*Try* Jasmine Snow Dragon Estate Reserve Green

An artisan hand-rolled green tea scented with seven times its weight in freshly plucked jasmine blossoms for a fragrant and delicately bodied infusion.

*Try* Darjeeling 2nd Flush Estate Reserve Black

As the “Champagne of Tea” this prized Jungpana Estate exclusive possesses a classic muscatel profile with a stunningly refined finish.

If you are vegetarian, we also sampled the savoury finger sandwiches which came with the Garden Tea High Tea Service. The sandwiches were robust, an explosion of flavour.  Even with full bellies we enjoyed the taste and craftsmanship of each delicate sandwich.  It included of:

Blistered Tomato with Crumbled Goat Cheese and Fresh Basil

Picnic Egg Salad with Chives, Radish and Sweet Pickle

Chickpea Hummus with Lightly Curried Carrots, Raisins & Slivered Almonds

Roasted Vegetable Ratatouille

Mango, Cucumber, Mint & Coriander

As you plan events with family and friends in the months ahead, I encourage you to sample the Autumn High Tea Service at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto before the winter comes knocking at your door. The Autumn High Tea Service at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto was gorgeously curated, demonstrated a loving attention to detail, oozed traditional service and gifted us with smiles that we will be sure tell friends and family about for years to come.




Rimmel London: Wonder’Lash Lift Me Up Mascara

Now that the summer is pretty much done – we have a short Fall to look forward. Let’s face it; we all need a bit of a make-up lift too to get us through the changing temperatures. Enter, Rimmel London’s Wonder’lash Lift Me Up Mascara!

The NEW Rimmel London Wonder’lash Lift Me Up Mascara has an exclusive formula with Vitamins and Cucumber extract that helps lashes feel conditioned throughout the day.

Here’s the scoop as to why Rimmel London Wonder’lash Lift Me Up Mascara is for you:

– Think precision hourglass-shaped brush with soft, lash-hugging fibers smoothly that wraps each and every lash with defined, clump free volume and length.

– Apply only a few light coats on top and bottom eyelashes to help create the wide-awake effect.

Another quick tip, use Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude on the waterline to open the eyes, making them look bigger and more awake.